Neoantigenics is a pre-clinical stage company focused on developing oncology theranostics (therapeutic plus diagnostic) products, founded on the novel science around oocyte (egg)-associated cancer proteins (“neoantigens”) discovered at the University of Virginia. These neoantigens are uniquely expressed in a wide range of urogenital tract cancers – ovarian, uterine, bladder and renal cancers – as well as certain other cancers such as aggressive stages of pancreatic cancer, many head-and-neck cancers, lung cancer, breast cancer and some leukemias.

We are currently developing an antibody-drug conjugate therapeutic that targets our lead neoantigen, SAS1B. Because the SAS1B protein is only detectably expressed within maturing eggs among normal tissues, therapeutics directed to SAS1B are predicted to have a high degree of specificity limiting drug interaction to cancer cells notably expressing SAS1B. This specificity will avoid undesirable side effects (e.g., hair loss, nausea, neurologic effects) typically occurring with chemotherapeutics.

  • Our goal is to provide proof-of-concept that our antibody directed therapeutics targeting SAS1B can ablate human cancer cells in animal models with little or no toxic effects on healthy cells.
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